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Sewn Items: New Collection



When is the sale? 
Sunday 30th June at 8pm! 

Will there be discounts?
Yes, all discounts will be added prior to the listing so no codes will be needed for a more efficient check out.

When will they be posted? 
dispatch will be within 7 days, usually ready to post items are dispatched within 3 days however the volume of orders will mean I will need a few extra days.

Can clearpay be used?
Yes! Clearpay, apple pay, card and paypal will all be available.

Can I add to my order if I see anything I like after I've put one through?
Yes, some people will have an idea from instagram previews of what they may want. Simply put through an order and pay postage on it, you can then add additional order between Friday 1st and Sunday 3rd (midnight) without an extra delivery charge using 'local delivery'.

Can I return items?
All sale items are none returnable/refundable. The sale will only be available for a few days so I will not be accepting stock back as there would be a hold on this before the next sale. All items are brand new and you would be welcomed to list them for resale on your own platform.

Product Information
There are product listed during the sale that are not usually listed on my site so you may see some items you've not seen before! Additionally, there are a mixture of patterns listed for items that are usually listed, leggings being an example. There are 2 variations of these online during the sale, myself an another seamstress cut and sewed the items listed so there might be slight discrepancies on sizing/fit depending on which of us cut them and when.
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